Monday, December 14, 2009

New England Aquarium and Under the Sea in 3D on IMAX was pleasant enough. I can watch fish in aquariums for hours. And the IMAX movie was immersive (pun intended) without being 3D gimmicky. I groaned (inside, at least) at some of the narration, but was fascinated by some of the footage, particularly of cuttlefish changing color and convict fish feeding in a wave across the sandy floor.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Went to Reckless by SpeakEasy. For the first half of it I was amused and annoyed and intrigued, wondering where this was all going. Somehow, it was redeemed for me toward the end as the theme of seeking redemption for past actions that turned out poorly hit home.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Went to MFA's First Fridays with cocktails and music in the old masters room. It was the first time I'd been at the event, and the first time I'd spent much time in the room with the paintings there. It was kind of fun and fascinating to make my way around the room spending time with each painting, overhearing snippets of conversations, listening to bits of Christmasy jazz, and sipping on a holiday ale. And now I'm acquainted with the old master works hanging in the gallery, too!
Went to BSO's Dvorak Symphony 8, Bartok Divertimento for String Orchestra and Martinu Violin Concerto 2. The Bartok was enjoyable enough, the Martinu well-played but not engaging to me, and the Dvorak familiar and delightful.