Saturday, March 25, 2006

Beethoven Quartet
Another good concert, this time with just one quartet. Lecture style was smarmy to me, but interesting in content.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bouquets to Art
Mar 21-25 at DeYoung Museum
Floral designers put dozens of arrangements and installations related to various works and rooms around the museum. Interesting to see how different designers pull different things (textures, colors, compositions, even images) from the works and respond to them in flowers.

Wasn't as interesting this year as last for me. There were a couple of striking pieces (the three lamps in flowers with the woman and a glass of port, the oval arrangement with the woman bronze).

It was nice to see the new DeYoung. A few appealing things: the fern garden between wings, the contemporary mirrored glass forms, nice and reasonably priced cafe, and best of all the room of Hudson River School paintings. Heart-wrenching and inspiring to me. Bummer that the tower closed before I could make my way up it... Guess that'll be next time.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Love's Labour's Lost

Went with DavidvdW (who also liked it) and DaveIS (not so much) to see this after sushi at Hana Zen.

I enjoyed it quite a bit, laughed out loud, felt the visceral "oh no, this will go badly", and was only disappointed a few times when the language went past me.

I liked it enough that I'd kind of like to see it again, maybe after reading it or a bit more about it.

I thought the contemporary back-alley bar setting with rock music and music video prelude and interludes worked well and were fun.

Exit Theater