Thursday, November 30, 2006

--- past --- not written up ---

Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 3 SF Symphony
Wed Nov 29- Sat Dec 2, open rehearsal Weds 10am

Antonio Gaudi movie Castro Theatre Nov 30 7pm, 9pm

Silly Symphonies animation at Castro Theatre Dec 2 matinee

RECESS! Play Night for Grown Ups Who Need/Want a Play Break
Saturday, December 2nd; 6:30-9:30 pm $15 in advance, reservations recommended
My friend JeffJ has great things to say about Sue who leads this, and expects it to be quite fun.
More info here.

Manon Lescaut SF Opera to Dec 10 (I'm planning Thu Dec 7)

December 7th - 16th, Victoria Theatre in SF
For more info visit

Traces presented by Circus Center December 13-Jan 1 at Palace of Fine Arts
I expect this will be a really good circus show.
More info on the Circus Center web site.

SF Gay Men's Chorus Home for the Holidays
Dec 14 7pm, Dec 24 5, 7, 9pm at Castro Theatre
More at on the Chorus's web site.

Kinsey Sicks Oy Vey in a Manger Sat December 23 8pm at Herbst Theatre w/KK

Luma at Victoria Theatre
December 17-January 19 Looks like very cool light/movement performance.

Beethoven String Quartets with commentary at Herbst Theatre on Saturday mornings at 10am
February 3 w/ND

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Barber of Seville SF Opera Nov 17

Mark and I saw this and generally enjoyed it. Not bowled over. Good lead performances and good ensembles. Enjoyed the set. While intellectually I thought some of the gags were silly, they did get a laugh from me. I enjoyed the ensemble numbers a lot. The solos generally dragged for me, with the exception of the maid's. I don't feel I need to see this again, but glad I did.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Went Thurs Nov 2 8 PM Climate Theater, 285 9th Street in San Francisco with MarkA

Intense and involving performance. Since I haven't seen Hamlet before, the whole thing was unexpected for me. I lost a bit of attention at the end and something about suicide and murder gets me to check out a bit. Certainly glad I went, though, and was mostly taken in by the show. It was also nice to visit a bit with Stuart, the director/editor.

It’s “Hamlet” like you’ve never seen it before- reduced to a slick hour and forty, the tale has been streamlined and taken in a new direction, with unexpected plot twists, a reshaped ending, re-conceived characters and more, all while still using the original dialogue. See the director/editor's press release in his blog for more.